Monday, November 20, 2017

50s, 60s and 70

I spent the most amazing morning in a Gush Etzion sound studio. Thanks to a music mix, I got to mix with a super creative group of women whose ages spanned three decades. A writer and a soloist in their 50s, (me) a producer in her 60s and a project manager who turns 70. But age had no influence on the excitement and originality that we brought all together to that sound room.

Jocelyn Reisman Odenheimer, 53, is the energetic and ingenious choreographer of the DAMES of the DANCE troupe The Saturday Night Dancers. This year, DAMES’ mega-dance spectacular will be celebrating its tenth year of dancing for charity. It brings together about 100 women from varied backgrounds, ages and communities who donate their time and their talents to the needy and needy projects.
The Saturday Night Dancers strut their stuff in 60s and 70s dancing. Jocelyn thought the SNDers deserved a special song to mark DAMES’ decade anniversary, and she wrote a parody on Y-M-C-A by the Village People. It’s called, of course, D-A-M-E-S and it’s g-r-e-a-t.

Marci Wiesel, 50, is a renowned paper cut artist, reflexologist, naturopath medical student, and a super-shiny stage personality and singer. Marci wowed audiences on stage in Gush Etzion in the title roles of JOSEPH and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and NOAH! Ride the Wave! for the Raise Your Spirits theater company. When Marci recorded her solos, we felt her dazzle through the microphone.

I’m up next, Sharon Katz, 62, founder and producer of DAMES and founder of Raise Your Spirits. The women wanted me to pop by the studio to participate in all the excitement and fun, and get a preview of our great new song. Wow, I feel privileged that I did.

Cheryl Mandel, soon to be 70, started the SNDers 10 years ago for the first DAMES. She still consults on choreography, dances with the group and handles its organizational tasks. Cheryl thoroughly project-managed this recording, booking the studio and organizing the talent.
Teamed up in the studio, we rocked, we danced, we changed a line here and there, and we thrilled to DAMES of the DANCE’s new anthem!! I wish I could play it for you. It’s still in the works.
Thanks to Cheryl, Jocelyn, Marci and the other wonderful women who participated, Judith Epstein, Yael Simckes and Alona Cole. I can’t stop humming your song.
BTW, if you’d like the most beautiful of paper cuts, look no further then, 052-811-9400,

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